The Ask
Starbucks tasked us to kick off the 2017 holiday season with two new festive cup designs.

The Outcome
The most viewed holiday video of the season (76MM+), a Facebook Live mural event with celebrity guests, and a ton of experience gained as the sole AD on the entire campaign.

Agency  |  Big Spaceship Production | Buck Studios
Position  |  Art Director and Designer
Partner + ACD  |  Christine Gratton

 To kick off the 2017 holiday season, we wanted to take the usually divisive cup and remind people that it's only just the beginning, and how you make the holidays special are up to you. 
To continue this message of making the holidays your own, no matter what you celebrate, 
we inside of an open and operating Starbucks in Midtown built a 20 foot long mural made by
real time suggestions from viewers on Facebook Live. 

M o r e W o r k